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  • Notice of change of English Name of ZhengFeng Valve Group

    Notice of change of English Name of ZhengFeng Valve Group

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  • Advantage and disadvantage of Through Conduit Gate Valve

    Advantage and disadvantage of Through Conduit Gate Valve

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  • Advantages of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

    Advantages of ZhengFeng's Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

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  • Suitable medium temperature for Material

    Suitable medium temperature for Material

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    Water valve is the main body through the medium for water or water containing mixed liquid valve, according to the role of different valves in the pipe network system and the different structure. Water valve are divided into many categories, the main water valve categories are abundant production has a balancing valve, check valve, resilient gate valve, butterfly valve, water control valves (functional) series, air release valve, etc., to realize the valve to control the medium flow or pipe pressure changes, mainly used in construction, metallurgy and petroleum industry, construction, chemical industry, electric power, etc, water supply and drainage system and HVAC system in pipeline. Balancing valve series mainly includes static and dynamic balance two kinds, by changing the opening to achieve flow control in the pipeline; Check valve series mainly includes silent, nozzle and flapper check valve, to prevent the return of pipe intermediates; Resilient gate valve series according to the installation position of the valve and actual use requirements, in the basic Os&Y and resilient gate valve structure for a variety of products extension, such as elongated gate valve, buried gate valve, lockable gate valve, etc., mainly play a shut-off function; Butterfly valve series mainly for the soft seal butterfly valve, to achieve the closure of the pipeline sealing function; Control valve (functional) series is a large series of valves, through and guide valve peripheral pipe connection, to achieve automatic adjustment opening and closing function, can achieve pressure reduce, pressure relief/holding pressure, check, pressure differential control, flow control and other functions; Combination air valve is used to remove a large number of concentrated air in the pipeline, or in the pipeline higher concentration of trace air emissions into the atmosphere, can improve the efficiency of the pump and protect the safety of the pipeline. ZhengFeng Valve, as a professional manufacturer of water valves, is widely used in global water supply companies, thermal companies and One Belt And One Road projects. Our responsibility is not only to simply sell products, ZhengFeng Valve hopes that the early scheme design and the late product debugging work can bring the ultimate goal of energy saving and emission reduction for end-users. This is also a mutually beneficial cooperation, even if it is only to sell ordinary gate valve, butterfly valve and other products, we also hope to ensure that the products can be used normally after installation in the process of use, long-term replacement is not required, maintenance is not required, reduce the complexity of customers. ZhengFeng Valve also hopes that friends all over the world can have the same vision with us, and we are willing to promote ZhengFeng’s valve to all over the world through our efforts, if you have agents, cooperation ideas and needs of friends, please contact our marketing manager: sales@zevalve.com