Air Valve

ZhengFeng produces single air release valves and double orifice air release valve , two categories of air release valves are specially designed for the corresponding operating conditions, almost covering the operating conditions of various water and sewage systems.Our air release valve adopts special parts which are different from those on the market. It adopts the round stainless steel float ball with uneven wall thickness, and each float ball has passed the pressure test of over 40 kg before assembling. Compared with the hollow plastic floating ball, the stainless steel floating ball with unequal walls has two outstanding features. First, the water flow generated at the beginning of pump opening will produce instantaneous pressure waves to the pipeline; Secondly, the floating ball with unequal wall will not be used in the same place to seal the ball forever when sealing, so as to prevent the failure of sealing caused by sundry reasons at the sealing point. When the series of water injection, the exhaust valve in the pipeline quickly discharge a lot of air; When the system is under pressure, the air valve can effectively discharge a small amount of air and gas;When the system is empty, the valve draws in a lot of air; This valve avoids air and gas accumulation, water hammer and pressure fluctuations, and has good sealing performance at low pressure.There are typical application cases under various working conditions, such as sewage and wastewater system pump station - exhaust air, to avoid negative pressure and prevent water hammer;Sewage and waste water system pipes prevent air and gas accumulation at pipe highs, turning points on hillsides and road/river junctions, eliminate negative pressure, prevent negative pressure from forming, easily occur in water column separation system, and prevent pressure fluctuations and water hammer;Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants - prevent air and gas accumulation and negative pressure.