Balancing Valve

Zeco is a manufacturer of accurate balancing valve KV value data and supporting debugging services in China and around the world.Why are we so confident?Firstly, as we have our own dynamic water testing system, we can conduct pressure difference test and flow test on various pressure differential valves and balancing valves in the heating system, which provides the most basic conditions for future debugging services.Second, in China, our energy-saving retrofit program for balance valves has been carried out for five years by thermal companies across the country, such as Beijing thermal group and Shandong thermal group for three years, all of which have obtained excellent energy-saving retrofit results. There are balance valves of various structures and shapes available on the global market.Although these manufacturers can improve the appearance of their products and boast about the performance of their products, when a single customer asks them to provide debugging services, they basically refuse or charge a high commission to make the customer back down.Why is that?Because they do not have specific KV value data, and they do not have their own energy saving balance system software for the entire system energy saving transformation.Balancing valve for customer, not buy a product so simple, for heating or HVAC system, it is a whole, not fitted with a balance valve can for system heat balance, it needs to carry on the preliminary analysis of the whole system, and according to the requirements of customers to configure the location of the balancing valve and differential pressure valve, and then simulate the thermal balance of the final result, after the confirmation and implementation of balancing valve installation, we'll send the debugging of professionals with a debugging instrument developed by oneself to the scene debugging service, after the start of the heating, provide the energy saving report to customers.