Butterfly Valve

Zeco mainly produces industrial system valves, including high performance butterfly valves, is China's quality butterfly valve manufacturers. Oil companies and industrial companies will install the limited space, most of the size of the shutoff valves used to clip butterfly valves and flange butterfly valves because of the small size, easy to install. But although the installation space is very small products, the material requirements on parts are the same strict. The butterfly valve used for industrial is composed of rubber sealing and metal sealing butterfly valve. The most important part of soft sealing butterfly valve is its seat - metal cover. On the market, a lot of manufacturer use normal metal,  so the price of butterfly valve drops very low, so what disadvantage does normal metal have? First, the normal metal is general metal sealing effect is not particularly good. Under the long-term use condition, the normal metal seal will not naturally crack because of the toughness and integrity of the original, or it will break because of the impact of debris in the pipeline, thus causing the seal failure.Second, because the normal metal has been used for the first time, the condition of medium cannot be reached even after the metal is added, which will cause secondary damage in use. In addition, Zeco selects copper which can control the quality of the material on the stem sleeve material. Plastic is mostly used in the market. Compared with the wear resistance of stainless steel stem, the wear resistance of plastic and stainless steel is much better. Zeco will pay attention to the product details, and improve our products on the aspects that may cause impacts, so as to guarantee that customers do not have to worry about the maintenance cost and communication cost in the long-term use.