Carbon Steel Globe Valve

Carbon Steel Globe Valve

ZhengFeng's carbon steel globe valve is forced sealed valve, valve closure, must be applied to the disc pressure to force the sealing surface does not leak.

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Carbon steel is used in higher temperature, or concern with thermal or mechanical shock is an issue, which makes them popular in the oil and petrochemical industries. Body and bonnets are high quality cast and afterwards precisely machined, directing the attention to prevent stress concentration. Bonnets are made either of one piece only-the yoke then being an integral part of it-or have two pieces, depending on the size of the globe valve. This ensures the perfect alignment with the body what leads to an accurate opening and closing. Bodies of globe valves are designed considering the same characteristics as gate valves, which in this case means that disc is guided in bigger valve sizes or high pressure service in order to avoid vibrations and better seat. The design of the body-bonnet gasket varies depending on the class of the globe valve. Class 150 to 600 globe valves consist of a circular male-female connection with a graphite or spiral wound gasket. Class 900 and above globe valves consist of a ring type joint.

In pressure seal designs the sealing in achieved through a gasket that takes advantage of the internal pressure of the line. The material most commonly used is high-purity graphite being located between the body and the body retainer ring.



1. Well designed bodies minimising turbulence and flow losses;

2. Backseating arrangement permits replacement of packing while the Valve is in full open position and it is available in two different discdesign ON/OFF type and Flow control type;

3. To ensure trouble free performance, seating surfaces are accurately machined and perfectly lapped;

4. Optional Locking Device or Stem Extension Pressure seal bonnet;

5. Optional Direct Mounting to ISO 5211.

Product Range:

Body material: stainless steel, carbon steel, forged steel, alloy steel

Nominal diameter: 1/2"~24"

Pressure range:Class150~2500

End connection: RF, RTJ, BW

Working temperature:-29℃~560℃

Operation: Handwheel, Gear Box, Electric Actuator, etc.



Valve Type

Carbon Steel Globe Valve

Valve Material

Cast steel, stainless steel, special alloy, etc

Valve Test

100% quantity tested before delivery

Valve Guarantee

18 months from the date of dispatch ex works, or 12 months from date of commodity installation.

Valve Painting

Customer request

Valve Package

Wooden case


No requirement

Valve Certificate

API 6D/CE/ISO9001/ISO14001

Delivery Detail

Shipped in 4 or 6 weeks after payment



Payment Terms

L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T

Certificate Offered

Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Test Reports and Material Certificates, Certificate of quality and quantity, Seller’s Certificate of Guarantee



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