Concentric Butterfly Valve

The concentric butterfly valve is characterized by the stem center, disc center and body center in the same positio. The centric butterfly valve of Zeco has flanged concentric butterfly valve, Wafer concentric butterfly valve and so on. Flanged butterfly valve is used in various service and drain lines as truncation and regulating equipment. Wafer concentric butterfly valve can be used as adjusting and intercepting equipment on non-corrosive gas, liquid, semiliquid and solid powder tube, and vessel. Flexible flanged concentric butterfly valve is suitable for intercepting and adjusting the general corrosive, non-corrosive gas, liquid, semifluid, and solid powder media, and also can be used as replacement products for old pipeline renovation, maintenance, and matching valves. As butterfly valve manufacturer in China, we will be more strict with the quality, on the one hand, in order to make the product in use can have on the repair rate of convenience simple, on the one hand, the hope to the quality to win customer satisfaction are abundant brand can be set up in the field of global water use butterfly valves, so we would like to to the attitude of benchmarking to establish the brand, to make our products.