Flow Balancing Valve

As flow balancing valve professional manufacturers, Zeco can provide professional products and debugging services, our balancing valve can be manually precise control valve opening, it is convenient for us in the later accurately adjust the flow of the debugging services, to effectively solve the HVAC system and heating system of heating, hydraulic imbalance. In addition to the reliability of the valve, we are equipped with the intelligent debugging instrument developed by us to accurately measure the pressure difference and calculate the corresponding flow system, so as to meet the original balance design of the whole system during debugging. In terms of materials, all copper materials we use are zinc-proof brass, which ensures that copper materials will be used in the medium for a long time and will not reduce their life because the medium is slightly corrosive. To sum up, what we can finally bring to customers are professional services, final energy saving and emission reduction, and reduction of pump energy consumption. We also believe that our flow balancing valve can be gradually applied in the global market, and let global customers enjoy the benefits brought by our products.