Flow Control Valve

Flow control valve is a kind of intuitive easy flow adjusting control device, the network application of dynamic flow control valve can be set according to the design flow, directly after the valve can be in under the action of water, automatic eliminate the remainder of the pipeline pressure head and flow deviation caused by pressure fluctuations, no matter what the system pressure change all the set flow rate unchanged, dynamic flow control valve of these features make a complete network flow control, the tuning into a simple flow distribution net work, effectively solving the hydraulic imbalance between the network. Flow control valve mainly includes the following: float control valve , proportional flow control valve, pump flow control valve, rate of flow control valve , float control valve with strainer & piston type. Float control valve is mainly used to control water level of tank or water tower automatically.The catheter control system installed on the main valve can automatically control the level of liquid by utilizing its own hydraulic energy.Simple maintenance, flexible and durable, accurate liquid level control, water level free from water pressure interference and close tight without leakage.