Gate Valve

Zeco company was founded in 1991, when we introduced Danish technology and specialized in producing API 600 gate valves, we were the first to introduce and start producing cast iron gate valves in the Chinese market.Today is already in 2018, we have been in the field of  oil and gas industry specializing in the production of manufacturing for more than 27 years, and cast steel and forged gate valve has been widely used in China and in major cities of the world's oil and natural gas systems, from all walks of life in China of the valves in the great cities of the borehole or shopping malls in the pump room and oil pipeline, can see the figure of Zeco in the pipeline. Although now WCB gate valve is very common in the Chinese market, the price is very competite, we believe that with our own 27 years experience in research, development, production and application ability to prove what can save material, wall thickness, where the material, the wall thickness is also can't go to save a little, because Zeco's attention is the product of practicability, boast skillful and brand in the global market prices, and the pursuit of cheap, inferior products on the market is a sales, making money, rather than consider the life of the product for a long time. Using case through the nation oil company, in 2007, our products began to give the oil pipeline supply, installation, and so far, did not produce a after-sales maintenance by product problems, although our after-sales service mechanism is at any time, any place can solve customer work under the condition of existing problems, and at the same time can provide the above solution, but we believe that the customer's requirement is the product there is no problem!