Lift Check Valve

The lift check valve produced by ZhengFeng mainly consists of two types: lifting check valve and silent check valve, which can be used in high-rise building water supply, oil and natural gas system, pressure pump station and pneumatic supply equipment to eliminate noise and special equipment for hammer to prevent medium backflow and remove hammer, and effectively protect pipeline and pump safety. The lift type check valve opens automatically through the flow of medium and closes by the return force of spring. The lift type check valve produced by ZhengFeng adopts metal or rubber seal, with reliable and stable sealing effect, which can reduce the influence of possible impurities in the medium to the maximum extent.The internal circulation channel is a unique arc-shaped reverse flow structure, which can reduce the flow resistance of the medium, and effectively eliminate the flow noise of water and the water hammer phenomenon when the medium is reversed. The existing products have received excellent feedback in the market. The carbon check valve is the better material which can be used in oil pipeline, natural gas pipleline and some other industrial system,.