Advantages of Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Date:2019-04-17 01:54:00 click:2531

Trunnion mounted ball valves' advantage:

1. Double blocking and discharge function: the fixed ball valve adopts the spring pre-tightening floating valve seat. Whether the valve is in full open or full closed state, the seats on the upstream and downstream sides block the flow, and the trapped substances in the valve body are discharged through the discharge valve;

2. Automatic pressure relief function: when the temperature of the medium in the body cavity of the valve increases and causes abnormal pressure increase, it does not need to go through the safety valve, but only rely on the valve seat function can automatically relieve pressure, which is very important to ensure the safety of the valve in the delivery of liquid medium;

3. Fire safety structure: the valve has a fire safety function, its design, manufacture are in accordance with API 607 and API 6FA specification requirements;

4. Sealing emergency grease injection rescue: due to the foreign matter in the media or fire caused accidental failure of the seat seal, the grease injection valve provides a quick connection with the grease injection gun, the import pump can easily and quickly inject the sealing grease into the seat seal position to relieve the leakage;

5. Reliable stem seal and low operating torque: in addition to the standard seal ring, packing gland is also set with o-ring seal, double seal to ensure the reliability of stem seal;Additional graphite packing and seal grease injection minimize stem leakage after fire.Stem plain bearings and thrust bearings make the valve easy to operate;

6. Full diameter or reduced diameter: full diameter or reduced diameter structure can be selected as required.Full size valve flow orifice size is the same as the inner diameter of the pipeline for easy cleaning;

7. Stem lengthening: valve stem lengthening may be required for installation or operation.Extended stem ball valve, especially suitable for city gas and other needs buried pipeline laying occasions.Lengthening stem dimensions as per customer requirements;

8. Flexible operation: seats and stem bearings with low friction coefficient and good self-lubricity greatly reduce valve operating torque.Therefore, the valve can be operated flexibly for long periods of time even when no sealing grease is provided.