Case of Shanghai Peace Hotel

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The north building of the Peace Hotel was built in 1929. It was the first hotel in China to be honored as a world famous hotel.The Peace Hotel is located at the intersection of nanjing east road and the bund in Shanghai.

2007.4.1,The Peace Hotel has suspended room reservations in preparation for a full shutdown in the first half of the year.

To provide high quality valve service,Shanghai Peace Hotel has adopted ZhengFengs water supply and sewerage system. It supports stable pressure control to meet the needs of hotel.

Installation Scene

Packing List:

1.Pressure Control Valve DN50-300

2.Pressure Relief Valve DN50-300

3.Float Control Valve DN50-300

4.Resilient Gate Valve DN50-300

5.Rising Stem Resilient Gate Valve DN50-300

6.Wafer Concentric Butterfly Valve DN50-300

7.Slow Closing Check Valve DN50-300

8.Y-Strainer DN50-300

Client Feedback:
ZhengFeng gives us full support such as Technical support, Document, reasonable price and factory visit. Our customers are satisfied with the support from ZhengFeng. We dont walk alone. We have a strong and established company who walks with us. So with ZhengFeng beside us, we grow together to reach the goal and increase the customer experience.