Case of Xi'an Subway Line No.3

Date:2018-08-29 09:33:00 click:669

Xi 'an subway line No.3 was fully started in 2012 and opened on November 8, 2016. Xi 'an metro line No.3 phase frist project is 39.15 kilometers in length with 26 stations.

Zhengfeng provides excellent valve for xi 'an subway to ensure the normal and safety of People's Daily transportation.

Installation Scene

Packing List

1.Pressure Control Valve DN50-200

2.Pressure Relief Valve DN50-200

3.Resilient Gate Valve DN50-200

4.Y-strainer DN50-200

5.Backflow preventers DN80-200

6.Flexible Swing Check Valve DN50-200

Client Feedback:

The Valves which ZhengFeng provided are of good quality, we will use it in other subway lines.