Fuzhou Waterworks Combined Butterfly Check Valve Commissioning Test Site

Date:2019-01-03 03:20:00 click:587

In September 2018, ZhengFeng Valve supply by the installation of the tap water company of Fuzhou 3 sets of DN800 combined butterfly check valve has been running for nearly one year time, because the ZhengFeng in providing water pump room renovation plan, promised the customer the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction, so in the case of telephone communication is good, ZhengFeng send technical and sales team to confirm the actual effect of our team and whether need to debug already achieved better results. The water supply company also installed flow monitoring instruments at each pump outlet to confirm the actual effect of ZhengFeng's butterfly check valve, thus further enhancing the reform efforts. ZhengFeng also carried a pressure difference detection instrument specially developed and designed by the technical team to detect the actual flow resistance and flow status. DN800 actual test of combined butterfly check valve head loss is only 0.05 meters, tend to be no flow resistance, and through calculation, the original silent check valve, multifunctional pump control valve replacement for ZhengFeng butterfly check valve, one thousand tons of water pump power saving amount reached 25.3 KWH, equivalent to electricity is 17.71 yuan, a water pump in saving electricity only 150000 yuan, the effect is very significant. ZhengFeng's combined butterfly check valve can automatically close slowly when the pump is in power failure, which greatly reduces the influence of water hammer on the pump. After seeing the actual effect, the water supply company also confirms that check valves of all subsequent pump rooms will be replaced successively with ZhengFeng's butterfly check valves.