HVAC Academic Conference

Date:2018-04-18 04:48:00 click:691

2015.6.26-27Shandong Linyi, Shandong Province Professional Committee of the Institution of Civil Building HVAC, 

Civil Engineering Society of Professional Committee for Thermal Energy and Power in Shandong, China Survey and 

Design Building Environment and Equipment Branch jointly organized the HVAC,Refrigeration & Thermodynamic 

Academic Conference in Shandong in 2015. To attend the annual meeting, in addition to the various design and 

research institute in Shandong nearly more than 150 related scholars, experts, professional designers, and the national

more than 100 representatives of equipment, materials suppliers, for a total of more than 300 professionals.

At the annual meeting, ZhengFeng Marketing Department manager Chen yi gave a keynote speech on "green energy 

saving is ZhengFeng's mission".In his speech, he elaborated on the "ZhengFeng's idea" of implementing comprehensive 

hydraulic balance in the HVAC system and realizing the energy-saving effect in the process of creating a comfortable 

environment.His speech aroused the strong interest and concern of the professionals at the meeting.

Through this annual meeting, ZhengFeng believes that as long as we work hard and diligently, we will provide high 

standards and high quality products and services to the market. ZhengFeng - 2020 will be one of the best valve 

manufactures of balancing valve!