Meeting of Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association

Date:2018-12-04 08:41:00 click:631

On August 29, 2018, the 24th general meeting of Qiannan Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association was hosted by Qiannan urban water supply and drainage association in pingtang county, Guizhou province.The participants of this conference are the water supply and drainage companies, water supply and drainage stations and excellent water suppliers of each district and county.

ZhengFeng Valve Group, as an excellent supplier of water supply company in Guizhou province, attended this meeting. The organizer specially provided a unique booth for ZhengFeng Valve Group to show and introduce the products with excellent performance widely used in local water supply.Manager Zhuo, manager of ZhengFeng Guizhou branch, introduced the excellent products of resilient seated gate valve, buried resilient gate valve, pressure reducing valve and air release valve. Because of Guizhou province, high altitude, terrain height difference is bigger, a lot of places there will be a high pressure difference need decompression section, is abundant of pressure reducing valve can be stable needed to maintain water pressure, at the meeting, attended by guests of the water supply company also appreciated ZhengFengs pressure reducing valve and other products, and put forward the unsolved problems of their working conditions to seek joint research and development to solve

In water companies use case, ZhengFengs product again and again after the bad working condition of validation, and we constantly together with the customer to the actual working condition of the service, rather than a single only current products, because we know that only innovation, truly to solve practical problems, the customer is our ultimate goal.