The Importance of Secondary Network Hydraulic Balance Regulation

Date:2018-12-06 06:08:00 click:682

From the perspective of energy saving, through reasonable hydraulic balance adjustment of secondary network, namely the use of ZhengFeng balancing valve debugging system, the unit consumption of water, electricity and heat can be effectively reduced, the operating cost of water, electricity and heat can be saved, the cost of heating enterprises can be saved, and the enterprise benefits can be improved. In the case of unbalanced secondary network hydraulic conditions, some buildings, especially the near end residents, have high indoor temperature, and the far end residents have low room temperature and do not reach the standard. At this time, the following situations will occur: on the one hand, in order to ensure that the above mentioned households reach the standard of room temperature, heating enterprises should improve the whole secondary network heating temperature parameters, generally improve the indoor temperature of households, hot users are more hot room temperature, cold users are close to the standard of room temperature, waste a lot of heat energy; On the other hand, heating enterprises increase the secondary network circulation pump flow, so that the pipe network tends to balance, a lot of energy wasted; At the same time, substandard households are privately connected with faucet at each end of radiator to drain water of heating system, which also leads to the loss of heat energy and water in the system. If the secondary network hydraulic balance regulation can be done well, the hydraulic imbalance of the heating system will be eliminated, and the single consumption of water, electricity and heat will be saved. The solution can be avoided by simply raising the heating temperature parameters and circulating pump flow or adding water tap at the user end.