Through Conduit Gate Valve

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Through conduit gate valve is a sliding valve whose closing parts are parallel gates. The closing member may be a single ram or a double ram with a split mechanism in between.Ram for a rectangular parallel-plate, its open a hole is the same as the channel diameter (with flow guide hole), also don't open hole (not with flow guide hole), the rev, smooth channel for the straight pipe section, low flow resistance coefficient and the pressure loss is small, open and close the gate and seat contact each other all the time, you can wipe the adhesion between the sealing pair particles of dirt, and can make the sealing face protected without being directly eroded by medium.

Through conduit gate valve is suitable for natural gas, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, urban pipeline, gas pipeline and other transportation pipeline, vent system and steam storage device, used as opening and closing equipment.The plate gate valve is driven by manual, gear drive, pneumatic or electric.Flat gate valves are generally flanged or butt welded.

Through conduit gate valve working principle: gate management pressure, the pressure acting on the gate, force plate gate valve gate close to the export of PTFE seat ring, compress it until the ram stops in the steel seat, so, to form a double seal, PTFE is first and foremost to metal seal, and then the metal to metal seal, valve seat is fixed to the grooves, o-ring to prevent any medium flow.After the valve body pressure is released, the inlet seal is formed. The pipe pressure ACTS on the inlet seat and makes it move to the gate plate. At this time, PTFE seals the metal and the o-ring forms a tight seal with the seat groove.

The through conduit gate valve developed and produced by ZhengFeng valve has the characteristics of elastic pre-tightening force, upper and lower sealing seat sealing structure seat at the same time, the seat has self-cleaning function, the valve actuator is independent of the valve and so on. The flow resistance of the slab gate valve is small. The flow resistance of the non-shrink mouth is similar to that of the short tube.The slab gate valve with orifice is installed on the pipeline and can be pigged directly with the pig.

Flexible drive - a variety of drive options, remote control and automation can be achieved.

Stem lengthening - the stem may be lengthened for use in buried and low temperature applications.

Full bore - full bore, low flow resistance design, slab gate valve with orifice for pipeline ball cleaning.

All-weather - the whole closed structure, good protection performance, set up the valve stem protection cover, can adapt to all-weather requirements.

Maintenance-free - hydraulic seal control principle, no filler structure, open and close is very light, free of regular dynamic seal maintenance, and reliable seal.

Blowdown - the bottom of the valve body is provided with a drain hole for easy blowdown.