Trunnion Ball Valve

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1. High pressure trunnion ball valve:

ZhengFeng Valve Group the production of high pressure trunnion ball valve solved the sealing surface adhesive tape and high temperature resistance of the phenomenon, two pieces type high pressure ball valve adopts the elastic loading structure, under the condition of normal close to ensure that the contact between the ball seal face and seat seal, under high temperature conditions, can effectively compensate in thermal expansion, avoid card resistance caused by the high turbidity, suitable for small and medium caliber high temperature using occasions.

2. High pressure trunnion ball valve features: high pressure trunnion ball valve in the digestion and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad on the basis of the production of excellent products, it has updated design features, can meet the general industrial standards of safety and convenience needs.

A. Among all kinds of valves, the flow resistance of the ball valve is the smallest. When the full-diameter ball valve is opened, the diameter of the ball channel, valve body channel and connecting pipe is equal and becomes one diameter, and the medium can flow almost without loss;

B. Ball valve can be rotated 90 ° seated fully open, opening and closing fast.Compared with gate valve and globe valve of the same specification, ball valve is small in size and light in weight, which is convenient for pipeline installation;

C. Switch indication of manual floating ball valve: the ball, stem and handle are the moving parts of the valve and are an assembly unit.The head of the stem is of a folk square design and it is easy to tell whether the valve is open or closed from the position of the handle.When the flat side of the handle or stem is parallel to the pipe axis, the valve is in the open position;When the handle or stem is flat with;

D. Valve locking device: in order to prevent the wrong operation of the valve, the valve can be locked in the full open and closed positions of the valve, especially the valve installed in the field or when the process is not allowed to open or close the valve, in order to prevent the wrong operation of the valve by other personnel, it is very important to lock the position of the valve.Therefore, according to the needs of users in the valve design with the lock hole positioning piece can meet the requirements of the user process.

3. Overview of high pressure trunnion ball valve:

A. Adopt plate spring preloaded movable metal valve structure, seal force design reasonable, open and close flexible, seal reliable;

B. According to the needs of users, can be designed to apply to the valve body particles will be such as the structure of the medium ring ring high temperature structure;

C. Lower mounted valve guard is adopted and the inverted sealing structure is set to ensure reliable sealing at the packing place;

D. High-pressure trunnion ball valve model description: Q47N Q347N Q647N Q947N Q47H Q347H Q647H Q947H, etc;

E. High pressure trunnion ball valve scope of application: hard seal fixed ball valve is suitable for: chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy and other industries and hydrogen sulfide containing media, impurities, serious corrosion of natural gas long pipeline.Class150 ~ 1500, PN1.6 ~ 16.0 MPa, working temperature - 29 ~ 425 ℃ (carbon steel) or - 40 ~ 550 ℃ (stainless steel) of various pipelines, used to truncate or on line in the medium, choose different material, can be respectively suitable for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea, and other media.