Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center

Date:2019-01-04 03:05:00 click:709

Wenzhou Olympic sports center is located at the foot of daluo mountain.The center built in addition to the main stadium can hold 60000 people, will also be built in the 10000 - seat stadium, the 4000 - seat of swimming, diving, basketball, volleyball and so on, outdoor park can bear the intercity swimming, athletics, gymnastics, badminton and other projects, will be set, amateur training, the masses of competitive sports fitness, culture, entertainment, tourism and leisure in one of the sports center.

ZhengFeng Valve provides the best quality products for the sports center. In the more than 2 years of use, the local office will visit the product regularly to check the use status of the product and do the corresponding product maintenance work to ensure the longer use time of the product.

Installation Scene

Packing List:

1.Nozzle Check Valve DN150-250

2.Resilient Wedge Gate Valve DN50-250

3.Flanged Butterfly Valve DN50-200

4.Iron Gate Valve DN50-200

5.Y Strainer DN150-250

6.Flapper Check Valve DN80-150

Client Feedback:

ZhengFeng Valve not only provides us with superior performance products, but also regular return visit and maintenance products let us be very touched, in the use of time, is zero maintenance zero fault, let us very worry.