World Largest Dirt Separator

Date:2018-11-27 08:01:00 click:611

On October 28, 2018, the world's largest dirt separator was successfully installed and operated on the pipe network of the heating station of Beijing thermal power group with the efforts of ZhengFeng. Dirt separator is especially suitable for the removal of small impurities in the heating pipe network, because of the high temperature, it is very easy to form rust and some small impurities when used for a long time, ZhengFengs dirt separator is the right medicine, it can filter the impurities below 0.005mm, the additional magnetic bar kit can easily absorb impurities containing iron elements. Only open the blowdown ball valve to clean regularly, it can keep the pipe clean and save the energy consumption of the heating station to the greatest extent.Up to now, this dirt separator has been used for more than a month, and the heating station has also carried out the first impurities cleaning. For the performance of the product, the heating company is full of praise for ZhengFeng. Through data, the purpose of energy saving has been effectively achieved.