ZhengFeng Valve Test System

Date:2018-12-12 06:37:00 click:631

ZhengFeng Valve Groups valve flow resistance test device is a set of valve flow coefficient, flow resistance coefficient and flow characteristics of the computer automatic test system. The device is suitable for measuring flow coefficient and flow resistance coefficient of general valve under normal pressure, flow coefficient of regulating valve under normal pressure, rated flow coefficient and inherent flow characteristic, pressure regulating test, flow test, flow characteristic test and pressure characteristic test of pressure reducing valve when water flow reaches steady flow through valve. The water flow state is simulated during the test, and the flow characteristics and pressure characteristics under different inlet pressure and different flow rate can be measured.

The flow coefficient of the valve is an indicator to measure the flow capacity of the valve. The larger the flow coefficient value, the smaller the pressure loss when the fluid flows through the valve. For valves of the same construction, fluid flows through the valve in different directions.The value of flow coefficient also varies. ZhengFeng, as the manufacturer of pressure reducing valve, balancing valve, differential pressure valve and other performance valves, always pays attention to the performance curve of each kind of products so that the products can be used normally under specific working conditions.