Os&Y Gate Valve

Zeco rising stem gate valves are widely used in water supply and industrial systems and have enough space to be used as truncation valves. The advantage of the os&y gate valve over the resilient gate valve is that it is easy to observe the open position of the valve, which prevents the operator from operating with an torque wrench when opening or closing the valve, leading to abnormal valve switch. The gate is vulcanized by epdm, which prevents corrosion of the gate in water quality and ensures long-term sealing effect. As the technical department of Zeco excels, the torque of our lever gate valve is basically the lowest torque in the market, which facilitates the operator to switch the valve with a small force in operation, But it is not always easy to demand light torque, which requires that the fit between the stem nut and stem, the fit before the stem and o-ring, and the fit between the stem and the lock nut after fixation must be tight, otherwise either leakage or heavy torque. Zeco's spiritual pursuit has no best but better, innovation and creation along the way.