Pressure Balance Valve

The pressure control balancing valve produced by Zeco is a new generation pressure control balancing valve series developed by the company on the basis of summarizing the design and use experience of the old products. Through the cooperation of new structure and internal spring, the pressure control range is divided into high-pressure section and low-pressure section, which ensures the precise and stable performance of the control. The control effect has been checked by the national valve testing center for many times and has been unanimously approved by the customer. Pressure differential valve is installed on the return pipe as a pressure control pipe section, which can ensure that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the controlled network is always stable at the set value when the pipeline pressure fluctuates, and eliminate the dynamic hydraulic imbalance of HVAC and air conditioning systems. It can also be installed in the pipe network system with the flow balancing valve to achieve hydraulic balance, energy -saving, widely used in the system head, branch pipe and various pipe end equipment.