Swing Check valve

The swing check valve produced by Zeco is an automatic action valve to prevent backflow of medium. The disc of swing type check valve is designed with all-encapsulated adhesive, which can realize low pressure sealing and have reliable and stable effect; As an anti-check valve to prevent backflow of medium, the circulating medium of swing check valve should ensure that there is no impurity such as fixed particles to prevent particles from falling on the sealing surface; Through continuous structural improvements and practical tests, the opening and closing force of the swing check valve produced by Zeco can be controlled in a very small range, and the flow capacity and check effect of the valve can be guaranteed to the maximum extent. As a common check valve at the pump outlet, the performance of the butterfly check valve is particularly outstanding. Firstly, it has no head loss and can save energy consumption of the pump by long-term use.The second reason is that it can set the shut-down function to slow down the shut-down speed to eliminate the hammer and sound at the position of 80% or 90%.