Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple offset butterfly valves have been developed for more than 50 years, and the application of butterfly valves has spanned many industries.Originally, butterfly valves are only used for cutting off and connecting water media. The triple-eccentric design enhances the function of butterfly valves, which has become one of the valves with excellent performance under the most severe conditions of the critical process environment in industrial pipeline equipment. Three separate offsets are designed as valves. Triple eccentricity means: 1) center line of disc/seat sealing face; 2) the position of the axis relative to the center line of the hole; 3) the axis of the seat Angle offset from the centerline of the valve hole. These triple offset combinations provide a tapered sealing surface that minimizes wear between the seat and the sealing element, increasing valve life and tightness.In addition, minimize the optimal seat face, reducing the working torque of the valve. Generally, it is superior to other metal seat valve types because of its sealing characteristics and cost.Because of its compact, rotary design and lightweight construction, it is easy to install and operate without tube support.Replaceable sealing rings that allow for quick and easy maintenance and low torque (allowing for smaller drives) mean more cost savings.