Wafer Check Valve

The disc check valve produced by Zeco is an effective equipment installed on the pipeline to prevent the backflow of medium. Because of the wafer structure, the length of the check valve is very short, which is suitable for the tight installation space due to the large number of installed equipment.With the wafer check valve fully open, the fluid pressure is almost unimpeded, so the pressure drop through the valve is relatively small. So the pressure drop through the valve is relatively small; Disc stroke short, disc close quickly, close impact. We have ductile iron and stainless steel materials for customers to use in various conditions.We control the source of the material, starting from the analysis of the casting before the furnace, then the spectrograph detection, and finally the processing detection. Every process is to ensure that the product comes out and is consistent with our commitment to the customer, and according to the stainless steel material. We always adhere to the principle that quality is the foundation of quality products, and use our craftsman spirit to make products into artworks.